On My Own Program

On My Own Program
Posted on 01/06/2019

On my own is a hands-on, real-life simulation that gives young people the opportunity to experience their futures in a fun and exciting way. They are encouraged to make healthy and wise lifestyle choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis.

How does it work?
Students assume they are 25 years old and are the primary or sole support of their household, after being assigned an occupation and monthly expenses. Using sample checks and registers, they learn how to record and manage their bank accounts. They move from one situation to another in the simulation, making spending choices among the following categories:
• housing
• transportation
• banking services (including credit)
• groceries
• utilities
• entertainment
• insurance
• child care (for use with 'Family Matters!' addition)
• clothing, electronics, health & grooming
After each choice, students write a check and subtract the amount from their registers. They may also receive a chance card which represents unexpected expenses and incomes encountered in real life.
Other simulations include:
• Family Matters!
• What Do I Do? Selecting a Career
• Lifestyle Goals, Salary Goals
• Charge It! Credit and Consequences
• Reconciling a Bank Statements