Madeline Hutchens

Hello My Name Is...

Maddie Hutchens


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I first planned on becoming an educator in high school simply because I love kids. I still do, but I see now what incredible impact educators have on developing minds, and that there is so much joy in the wonderful complexities that make up a school day. Teaching is so much more than merely delivering instruction like I first assumed! It is my goal to provide my scholars with a safe, welcoming environment where they are challenged every day, when the kids leave my class feeling proud of their accomplishments—so do I. It brings me so much joy to see scholars push themselves as their confidence blossoms. One of my favorite moments is watching a child that previously said they hate reading enthralled in a book. I love amazing kids, who are feeling down about their abilities, with the fact that in middle school I was not a good student and was even called stupid by my sixth-grade teachers. I assure them that if I can turn my academics around and graduate from college so can they! Even though teachers take on so much more responsibility than most people realize there are so many moments every day that make it all worth it.

My husband and I are the proud parents of Jolene and Ophelia(both girls happen to be canine). Cooking and eating are two of my favorite things to do. I have loved getting to know my scholars. We will have a great year!